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Tackling the challenge of addictions, alcoholism and other substance abuse disorders is more of a daunting task today than it has ever been. The problems are clearly growing. You can help to build and develop approaches that do have a demonstrated and measurable impact, by supporting Faith Partners. Learn how you can here:

Faith Partners Donation Letter 2013

Learn About Levels of Support

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Faith Partners announces several tiers of support that individuals, groups and organizations can take advantage of for 2014.  We welcome a donation of any amount, but below are some suggested levels of support.

Levels of Financial Support

Option 1: Service Level ($1.00-$249.00)

This level of giving is equal to the needed educational materials for a team to get a congregation ready for this important life-saving and life-giving ministry and service. These educational materials include a Congregational Readiness Toolkit as well as the ministry guides that accompany the Faith Partners Training Series.

Option 2: Leadership Level ($250.00-$999.00)

This level of giving is equal to the registration fee enabling clergy to attend a two-day educational experience that can cultivate a more informed and compassionate response to addiction. And possibly open the door to developing a more long-term congregational team solution to this devastating family disease.

Option 3: Congregational Level ($1,000.00-$4,999.00)

This level of giving is equal to the costs of one congregational team receiving all the tools and strategies, educational materials, training series and consultation to develop a sustained effort in becoming part of the fabric of the congregation to effectively serve individuals and families within the congregation and community.

Option 4: Mission Level ($5,000.00 or higher)

This level of giving is equal to the needed educational materials and consultation services to equip a network of congregations within a local community. These networks provide a greater impact and effectiveness regarding community substance abuse prevention efforts and community recovery support services. And adding the faith communities’ unique solution of hope, help, and healing through God’s transforming power


New Congregational Readiness Toolkit

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Faith Partners has released a new, updated set of resources in its Congregational Readiness Toolkit. This is the first step  to starting a Faith Partners Team.

Find out if your congregation could benefit from a congregational team that helps individuals and families with prevention, early intervention, referral assistance, recovery support, and advocacy related to alcohol and other drug problems. Use this step-by-step guide to educate your leadership, stimulate volunteer interest, evaluate your opportunity, and start to initiate this proven ministry or service in your congregation.

CRT Components









Each Congregational Readiness Toolkit includes:

  • Brochures detailing the Faith Partners’ team services
  • A copy of the Healing Places book describing the team development process
  • A copy of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the team ministry and service with the congregation
  • Multiple articles from archives of Faith Partners Journal on team experiences and information on how other congregations and faith traditions initiated congregational teams
  • Congregational Toolkit Guide describing action steps for personal preparation for leadership, creating supportive leadership, strategies for promotion to the congregation, and consultation with Faith Partners
  • Telephone consultation with Faith Partners staff

Order your Congregational Readiness Toolkittoday for only $50 plus shipping and handling. Order immediately through the safety of Paypal below:



Faith Partners Publishes Research in National Journal

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Faith Partners publishes The Faith Community, Substance Abuse, and Readiness for Change: A National Study. This independently conducted research paper includes the results of their nation-wide study on the vital role that faith communities play in adressing substance abuse disorders. The study examines a theory-driven model of congregational readiness (defined as a faith community’s intention and preparedness to address and support recovery from substance use disorders) using a national cross-sectional study of 45 faith communities (composed of 3,649 members). This may give both on-going and newly emerging Faith Partners groups a great deal of professional credibility to leverage in their efforts at developing effective team responses. Follow the link to download the entire paper from the Journal of Social Service Research.

Click to Download Research Paper