How do I explain to my congregation what Faith Partners is?

Faith Partners provides the leadership, training, educational materials and consultation to initiate, develop and sustain congregation teams.  The structured approach strengthens the ability of the congregation to address those they wish to serve.  This increased capacity creates an environment where fewer individuals and families will experience substance abuse problems and will receive support earlier in the illness.

Each congregation works to create a safe place that allows people to access services including prevention, early intervention, referral assistance, recovery support, and advocacy. Through these services congregations are better equipped to initiate the conversation to meet people in a way that is consistent with their own faith perspective and personal experience with addiction.

The Faith Partners team ministry approach consists of a small group of trained lay people who work together to provide alcohol and other drug addiction awareness, education, and recovery support for individuals and families served by the congregation.

Addiction ministry should not be seen as an optional ministry because addiction affects too many individuals and families to be ignored. There are lay people in the pews with the passion and life experience to serve in this area.” Pastor Anne Andert, Faith Lutheran Church Janesville, WI

A Faith Partners team ministry is the link between the recovery movement and the local community of faith. These teams allow for connections to be made and brokenness healed.” Dr. Thomas M. Holmes, Director, Covenant Ministry Services, Lima, OH

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