Our Team

Diverse strengths and  wide ranging expertise

  Drew Brooks is the new Faith Partners Executive Director providing leadership, administration, and training for this congregational team ministry model. He has worked with Faith Partners since 1999 as the Project Manager, the Minnesota Area Coordinator (overseeing 30 congregational teams), and team facilitator at his home church. He has been active in the church all his life involved in youth, compassion, small group, and addiction ministries. The Faith Partners (FP) team approach is an evidence-based intervention used in over 350 congregations from 19 different faith traditions in 23 states.

He has worked in prevention, treatment, and public health for over twenty-eight years. As an employee with Hazelden Foundation and Johnson Institute providing training and technical assistance with faith communities, schools, and community organizations in over 40 states across the United States. He has also worked as a prevention specialist with key community groups to focus on community asset-building and environmental prevention strategies for underage drinking and marijuana use. He has co-authored four curricula on stress management strategies, raising resilient children, group facilitation skills, and congregational addiction team ministry.

Mindy Agler is the Project Coordinator for the Faith Partners Jewish Congregational project, Tzevet T’shuvah. Mindy has 5 years experience working with alcoholics and other addicts and their families in an inpatient treatment setting in Boca Raton, FL as well as a private practice specializing in addictions and recovery counseling and the family system. She brings personal experience and understanding of addiction to her work as an Adult Child of an Alcoholic. Mindy and her husband, Rabbi Richard Agler have been instrumental in helping their congregation become more open to acknowledging and addressing the issue of addiction in order to better serve its member families. Mindy has presented educational and prevention material at youth retreats in her synagogue, as well as guided the Rabbinic staff in incorporating supportive language into the liturgy for people suffering with addiction and for their families.

Jan Tipton is a Certified Prevention Specialist and has been involved with substance abuse prevention since 1990.  She is the Director of Training and Prevention at Gateway to Prevention and Recovery in Shawnee, Oklahoma and is the Oklahoma Area Coordinator and Associate Trainer for Faith Partners.  She has her BA in Education from Oklahoma Baptist University and her MAT in Gifted Education from Oklahoma City University. 

She has been a missionary teacher with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Peru, South America and in Kenya, East Africa.  She is a member of Shawnee Asset Building Alliance, which is a community coalition that she helped start in 2000.  She is also on the adult advisory board of the Shawnee Youth Coalition which she helped form to connect the teenagers of Shawnee back to the community through projects and service. 

Faith Partners Associate Trainers
Nineteen individuals have received training for the Training of Trainer process which includes both an educational and experiential component with varying levels of capacity and availability. This group of trainers is diverse in gender, race and faith tradition including Pentecostal, Jewish, Lutheran, Non-denominational, Catholic, Episcopal, and United Methodist. We continue to recruit and expand this cadre of trainers.

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