Building Your Team in 4 Steps

Four Steps to Effectively Serving the Congregation

It takes a careful and thoughtful process to start an effective lay team to serve the whole congregation. Three steps bring this team approach to the life of the congregation:

  1. Build Congregational Support – Build support for this congregational team early by contacting the Faith Partners staff to get ideas and resources to introduce this ministry to clergy and potential team members. Identify clergy and congregational leaders to attend Leadership Training. Readiness and support are critical.
  2. Develop the Ministry – Complete the two-day Team Training for 3-10 team members, usually scheduled 2-4 months after leadership training, giving time to assess the needs of the congregation, identify opportunities for education and recruit team members. Team Training addresses specific prevention and recovery strategies; team functioning; connection to community resources and an initial plan of action. A training fee of $500.00 includes Team Training, ministry guides, a resource library, on-going consultation, and opportunities for networking.
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