Faith Partners Model

Faith Partners provides the tools, training, materials, and assistance to equip congregations with an effective, comprehensive and sustainable lay ministry, the Team Ministry. Participating congregations will be connected to a local, state and national network for help and on-going support. This approach has been used in numerous congregations in several states and is unique in that:

  • It builds on congregational strengths by involving lay members with special expertise and a passion for this work;
  • Clergy time, energy, and involvement are carefully utilized;
  • Teams are trained in prevention, early intervention, referral assistance, and recovery support, choosing programs that meet the needs of the congregation;
  • Teams network with other teams and utilize community resources, keeping their efforts focused on the congregation’s mission;
  • This effort is relevant to the whole congregation, young and old, individuals and families; and,
  • This ministry cultivates a compassionate response to all human problems, creating long-lasting change, making the congregation a safe and hospitable place.

Faith Partners: An Effective Approach

I believe the team approach for congregations is an effective and sustainable way to provide prevention, education, early intervention and recovery support.

James Winkler, General Secretary General Board of Church and Society,
The United Methodist Church

A Faith Partners Team Ministry is the link between the recovery movement and the local community of faith. These teams allow for connections to be made and brokenness healed.

Dr.Thomas M Holmes, Director,
Covenant Ministry Services, Lima, OH

The Faith Partners program is the most promising avenue of hope I know. Already it has proved it’s efficacy in numerous congregations – ingeniously, without overburdening already busy clergy.

Jim Nelson, Professor Emeritus, United Theological Seminary,
Minneapolis and author of Thirst: God and the Alcoholic Experience

Alcohol and drug abuse has become a terrible curse affecting many of our families, creating a climate of despair. I want the church to offer her resources to deal with this problem and help more people from despair to hope.

Michael J. Sheehan
Archbishop of Santa Fe, NM

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