How Effective Is Faith Partners?

Faith Partners has completed a Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) Service to Science evaluation enhancement grant and recently published a research article in a peer-review journal to move our model from a promising practice to an evidence-based intervention.

In our evaluation, the unit of analysis is on a congregational level. This is appropriate because the approach focuses on environmental change and impact within each participating congregation. A sustained effort will reveal changes in attitudes and behaviors. Over time due to this intervention the assertion is one will see on a post-test survey increased involvement in prevention, education, and recovery support activities.

This comprehensive and unique approach led by and advocated for people in the pews is an innovative way to create a caring, nonjudgmental, safe place to which affiliated individuals and families can turn for education and assistance. An institutionalized ministry should experience long-term outcomes including:

  • Fewer people will experience alcohol and other drug problems;
  • More people will receive help in earlier stages of the disease;
  • Family members will receive support and assistance in leading a healthier lifestyle, and
  • Congregations will be active in local and national advocacy efforts.


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