How is the Work Sustained?

Teams move into prevention and recovery activities within the first year and within three to five years the team ministry becomes institutionalized. It is imperative that the teams be nurtured and sustained through an active process of area coordination and on-going education.

New teams need opportunities to learn skills in the areas of ministry – prevention, early intervention, referral assistance, recovery support and advocacy. To reinforce these responses and to equip team members to function more effectively, a series of Webinars is planned for on a regular basis.

In addition, it is encouraged that teams connect with area community resources to help with broadening understanding and skill development. These continuing education opportunities can build capacity in many of the areas in which congregations need skills, can enable them to collaborate with other community resources and assure the possibility of an effective, sustainable congregational team ministry.

Another suggestion from successful teams is to track development progress over time through notes, logs or other recorded methods. This can help with assimillating new members into the team by providing a historical record of seminars, speakers, shared interactions and other community resources.

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