Drop the Sin Talk: Q&A with Drew Brooks

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“Almost 60% of people don’t know where to go in their own congregation for help with addiction. Similarly, a congregational member has about a fifty-fifty chance of knowing where to go in their community for help. Part of our goal is to coordinate team members within congregations who can become educated on resources available to the community.” Drew Brooks talks with The Fix. http://www.thefix.com/content/drop-sin-talk

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2 Responses to “Drop the Sin Talk: Q&A with Drew Brooks”
  1. Karen McMillan says:

    Drew: I feel your interview with The Fix about Faith Partners is absolutely the best description of what this ministry is trying to do than I have seen yet. I am glad I received your email about it. I forwarded it to all of our Faith Partner team members and strongly recommended they read it thoroughly so we get a much better grasp on how the ministry is to work. Good job, Drew!!

  2. Seyna says:

    No. 6 is so important. How we need lereads who are willing to be honest about faith, doubt, pride, anger, jealousy, selfishness, lust, despair, hopelessness, sleepless nights, joy, heartache, sorrow, etc. How can we trust our lereads to deal honestly with scripture (and what an awesome/terrible task that is!) if we can’t trust them to deal honestly with their own thoughts and feelings?

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