Clergy Training

Clergy Core Competency Training

Addiction Survival Kit for Clergy: Core Competencies

This two-day training is to equip clergy with the core knowledge, attitudes, and skills on the basic twelve core competencies identified by an expert panel of religious leaders and repersentatives from the National Association of Children of Alcoholics. These are skills essential to meet the needs of persons with alcohol or drug dependence and their family members in the context of a congregational alcohol and other drug team ministry. 

An informed clergy, supported by committed and trained members of the congregation, has a tremendous opportunity to serve by addressing addiction problems in very early stages. A ministry of prevention and recovery support offers real hope. This session will help equip clergy with the information to effectively address addictions in their congregations through the following objectives:

  • Understand the impact of addiction on individuals, families,& congregations.
  • Utilize opportunities to educate and support those suffering from addiction.
  • Demonstrating essential self-care skills when working with these ministries.
  • Identifying effective prevention strategies in the life of the congregation.
  • Describe how clergy, staff, and laity successfully work together in this vital ministry.
  • Explore a congregational alcohol and drug team ministry in their church.
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