Leadership Training

This one-day training for clergy, congregational staff and members provides participants with the overview of the congregational team ministry model. Participants learn of current applicable research, roles of the faith community in prevention and addiction recovery support, levels of congregation involvement in responding to youth, adults, and families, and participants have an opportunity to discuss expectations of one another – clergy and lay leadership.

Participants receive information on how a team ministry relates to the congregation and to the community, how to address barriers that can keep their efforts from being effective, and many ideas from active teams. Clergy and team facilitators receive ministry guides to start the ministry. Guidance is offered on how to recruit a team, gain support from the congregation and initiate an alcohol and other drug abuse prevention and addiction recovery support ministry. 

LEADERSHIP TRAINING: The workshop goal is to equip participants with adequate information to take the next steps in developing a congregational substance abuse prevention and recovery support congregational team. This is the first workshop in a series of three trainings. As a result of this workshop, participants will be better able to: • Understand the role of the congregation in substance abuse prevention and recovery support;
• Explain the work of a prevention and recovery ministry team;
• Recognize the barriers to starting this ministry within for our congregations;
• Identify the role of leadership (clergy and laity); and
• Demonstrate specific steps to initiate a congregational team.

WHAT DOES A FAITH PARTNERS TEAM DO? Team activities fall into the general areas of awareness, education and recovery support. Teams often start with a few simple activities. These efforts grow in relationship to the size, experience, creativity and commitment of team members. Often teams broaden their focus from drug and alcohol dependency to other addictions as the need or expertise presents itself.

FAITH PARTNERS HISTORY : Faith Partners Inc. was founded in Austin, TX in 1995 by national religious leaders seeking ways to mobilize the resources of the faith community to address substance abuse issues.
• In 2006, both the United Methodist  Church and the Presbyterian Church USA endorsing this approach.
• In 2010, Faith Partners completed a SAMHSA Service to Science evaluation project to help move its model from a promising practice to an evidenced-based intervention. • Faith Partners has trained hundreds of teams in 24 states from 21 different faith traditions.
• Faith Partners engages congregations to embrace their specific beliefs and doctrines that will help start the conversation, create a safe place, and meet people in their experience with and understanding of addiction.

BUILD YOUR CONGREGATIONAL TEAM IN FOUR STEPS: Faith Partners provides a thoughtful four-step process to start an effective, sustainable ministry and service to address the needs of the whole congregation. Informed clergy supported by committed and trained congregational members offer help and hope through prevention, early intervention, referral assistance, recovery support and advocacy.


Ponca City, Oklahoma
What: Faith Partners Leadership Training for a Congregational Team Ministry
Who: 2-4 congregational leaders (clergy, laity, and staff) with a recommendation of at least a clergy and lay person from a congregation who can help initiate the ministry or service
When: Fri day, May 8, 2015, 9:00AM to 4:00 PM (meals on your own)
Where: St. Luke’s Church of the Nazarene Church,1715 E. Prospect, Ponca City, Oklahoma 74604

Registration Form (Please send one form for each participant)

Contact Person/Participant:
Position of individual attending: _____Clergy _____Staff _____Lay Person

Registration fee and materials provided by a generous donation from anonymous donor in honor of Britt Coffman Congregational Readiness Kit to each congregation in attendance – $50.00 Value

For more information contact: Drew Brooks, Faith Partners at 512-417-2307 or drewbrooks@faith-partners.org https://www.faith-partners.org/

To register: send completed form to Dr. Will Hitchcock at KayCoPrevention 2203 N. Ash St., Ponca City, OK 74604 or fax to 580-762-9967

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